It’s August. And that means I inevitably find myself caught between letting go of summer and anticipating fall. Truthfully, I’m all for letting go of summer. There have been many a day when I have dreamed of crisp mornings, bare trees, pure white snow, winter boots and hot beverages. Those days are usually the ones when it reaches 46 degrees Celsius with the humidex and you can fry an egg on my stomach. But my dreams of cooler temperatures and a season change or 2 are still ages away.

This month is filled with anticipation. Change Inc. – an Ontario-based program for aspiring social entrepreneurs that I am leading for TakingITGlobal in conjunction with Public Policy Forum – has launched. August is all about promotion and recruitment to reach our targets.  There is a lot of prep work to do before we can run the Change Inc. e-course and e-mentoring program plus a ton of important work to be done on growing Sprout in time for our next Cycle in October.  That will include a trip to Zurich at the end of August/beginning of September to convene and engage with some of the most extraordinary youth on this planet at One Young World.

I also have a lot of progress to make on my Thirty by 30 list. I’m behind on documenting things I have already completed.  I hope to rectify that today.  However, August, will finally allow me to cross off a few BIG ones including learning to sail, learning to tango, building a brand and launching a series of vlogs. Oh and then there is that little puppy I am raising. I’m sure she’ll need some a ton of my time and energy.

It’s time to grab some mango sorbet and get to work! I have a feeling August won’t linger and that will be a welcome change of pace.


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