At 14 weeks

(Click above to enlarge.)

Hard to believe that Khailee is already 14 weeks old. I guess, time flies when you are a dog aging in human years. As I type this, she is squeezed into a 5 inch space between the foot of my desk and cabinet in the office – her little whiskers twitching as she breathes in and out during Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).

She is really starting to grow into her paws and ears. It feels like she is learning new things all of the time. I have been doing my best to keep track of her behaviour, growth and development. I created this little doggie journal template above to capture happenings, silly moments, socialization, etc… Weekly is about the most I can manage but it is kind of great to see Khailee’s progress.  Many of her firsts, are also firsts for me.  The most significant one is still to come.

Tomorrow Khailee will meet Mike.

P.S. Adventures in Puppyhood vlog posts are still in the works.  I’ve had some technical difficulties with my beloved camera – after I inadvertently dropped it. So…I am changing the format slightly. Hope to post the first one next week.

P.P.S.For more photos of Khailee visit her set on Flickr.


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