Little K

I know. I know. It’s a blurry shot. But it is one of the few that gives you a decent look at Little K’s furry face.  (You try taking a one-handed photo backwards holding a squirming puppy. Ha!) Love that little nose, those big brown puppy dog eyes and teeny tiny white goatee.

We’ve been hanging out for 1 week now and so far, we are getting along famously. It has been an adjustment for us both but our internal alarm clocks are mostly synched and we’re both figuring out our new shared space.

Khailee is a real social butterfly but she also has a very zen energy about her.  From my experience, this is what the shih tzu breed is really all about – tons of personality but not in a whack-a-doodle kind of way.  Calm. Clever. Charismatic.

She has already made more canine and human friends then I have ever had. Creatures just gravitate to her and she relishes the attention. (So do I!)

I will soon launch a vlog series of our Adventures in Puppyhood starring Little K. You will get a sneak-peek into our daily routine, our mutual learning/training and the dos and don’ts of puppy life. Put your paws up!


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