Love + a dog


All you need is love…and a dog. It must be true because there has been lots of puppy adopting in the last couple of weeks. Various members of my family are now caretakers of teeny tiny canines.

My own parents and brother also adopted a pup named Shadoe. He’s covered in black from head-to-almost-toe and very energetic I hear. (Poor Lassie is not impressed by this new addition to the family but when you’re 84 years old, I’m sure very little impresses you.)

I have long felt that my life in Toronto has been incomplete without the companionship of a canine. Having been surrounded by one dog or another since the age of 5, when I moved away to Toronto at the age of 17, it was very challenging to adjust to a daily existence without a dog. Of course, I managed just fine but really looked forward to my returns to Winnipeg during my schooling so that I could rejoin my entire family – dogs included.

During my many years in Toronto (prior to moving to New York and then back to Winnipeg), I had contemplated adopting a dog. However, I knew my then boyfriend with whom I lived, was not a forever person in my life and I couldn’t bring myself to adopt a dog that would grow to love us both and be hurt by the outcome of our relationship. That seemed wholly irresponsible and unfair. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more until the day was right.

And yesterday was that day! My little darling is an 8 week old baby shih tzu with the tiniest little tale I have ever seen.  She has a patch of white on her chin, neck and chest and is basically identical to her sister (pictured above on the right).

Her name is Khailee (pronounced k-ay-l-eeh). A special name that I have had floating around my mind for years.  I can’t wait for her to come home. She is too young still to be without her mother but on June 19, she will step foot into her new home.  The first item on our agenda will be EXPLORATION of her new surroundings. And the second item is to put Cesar Millan’s wisdom to work.


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