Don’t you love that feeling of NEW?  New shoes. New home. Newborns.

It makes my little heart all a-flutter when something is “new”. It doesn’t have to be new to the world even – just so long as it is new to me.  There must be some psychology around why newness brings on this euphoria in humans. Whatever it is, many of us chase after that feeling and look for every opportunity to create or re-create that honeymoon period in our lives.

Spring is the ultimate opportunity for NEW.

I am already in planning mode to bring about a transformation of my little nest with NEW. New curtains in golden yellow. A NEW balcony is on its way. NEW painted walls in the office and living room. NEW clean – from top to bottom.

And there is NEW food. I have discovered some NEW recipes and a NEW bread that is full of spelt goodness.

There are NEW postures that my body is challenged by. NEW weather that invites me outdoors to stretch my legs and run.

NEW projects and partnership opportunities are surfacing. NEW people are everywhere and a few specifically are on their way to join my team.

I heart NEW.


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