#5 Buy ‘grown up’ chairs

#5 Buy ‘grown up’ chairs

After spending nearly a YEAR looking for a pair of slipper chairs to add seating to our living room, I decided that it was a do or die situation. You see, when you have lived your life with a student’s mentality, it can be a struggle to move beyond that…away from the embarrassing junky yet functional dorm room furniture….toward the grown-up furniture.

Over the course of a year, I looked at HUNDREDS of chairs. And invested plenty of hours in this endeavour. So many chairs. So many vetoed.  The last bit of seating we purchased was a couch. It was inexpensive and ideal…at first. But little did we know that it couldn’t actually get into the house through the front door and up the twisted staircase. Nope. Instead it took 4 people to hoist it up over the back balcony and onto the second floor.

Chairs are infinitely easier to move, I think. And these chairs  – I would be proud to have in my home for the next decade.

#5 is done!


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