Passion + practice

I love this quote. It reminds me that technique and time invested in mastering something comprise only one part of the equation. Raw passion makes up the rest.

I am rockin’ #24 on my Thirty by 30 list by challenging myself to ramp up my Moksha yoga practice between March 2 and April 2. During this period, I am pursuing 60-90 minutes of daily yoga. So far my body is LOVIN’ it. There is nothing better than melting into the floor at the end of a class – super malleable and relaxed. Not to mention the fact that I can build STRENGTH (and burn hundreds of calories) during one heated class which will hopefully get me closer to achieving #22 on my Thirty by 30 list.

The other passion I am CRAZY excited to begin practicing is #2 on my list: TANGO. Woot! Me and my dancing shoes will be inseparable for 6 weeks beginning end of March.  How divine.

I have one more Thirty by 30 to check off this month: #29 which Mike and I are going to do together on March 30 (yes 30 is a theme here…) Oddly romantic.


One thought on “Passion + practice

  1. Inspired once again!!!
    Thank You Kristle…
    I have been thinking about starting Yoga for some time now…
    It’s on my 50 by 50 list…
    I’ve just gotto DO IT!!!!

    Nancy McNaughton
    Opening Doors to Success Inc.

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