On Cuban time


Back from my quasi-adventures in sunny Cuba. Mike and I started things off in Ciudad de la Habana. We explored the city. Drank mojitos. Saw Tony Jimenez (who played the tenor sax at the original Buena Vista Social Club) perform at Cafe Taberna in Old Square with a crew of well-known Cuban voices. Travelled out to Vinales Valley to learn a bit about growing tobacco, rolling cuban cigars, and making rum.

We also learned a lot about Cuban time. Ten minutes of Cuban time is the equivalent to about 30 minutes of real time. Something to keep in mind if you are the kind of person who makes decisions about meals when you are actually hungry. In Cuba, you’re better off to order food before you have an appetite because you’ll be near starving by the time it arrives. If you have to be somewhere at a set time for let’s say a show and are told that the taxi is coming in 5 minutes multiply that by 3 and you will be a-ok.

After our 3 days in Havana it was time to head out to the coast. We were transported to resort land better known as Varadero for pina coladas and beach…and that was great for about 36 hours. Let’s just say that we played a lot of Sudoku, read everything we brought with us and were tuned into CNN every few hours for some minimal intellectual stimulation. (Yes Anderson Cooper is hot but watching too much CNN will erode your soul!)


It was nice to return home and cross Cuba off our list.  You can see more photos from our Cuba trip here.

(Psst…our next trip South promises to be a BIG one. FIFA + Iguaçu Falls + Tango = paraíso. THIS will be the trip I live for.)


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