Fort Valentine

Mike is an excellent pie maker. I think it could be a calling. And if not, it is at least a (not-so) secret talent. The first time he baked a pie for me was in Winnipeg. We had been dating for a matter of days. It was his first introduction to my family. I guess he wanted to impress. So he grabbed an apple pie recipe from my Voluptuous Vegan cookbook and set out to wow us.  Boy did he ever!

Ever since then I have begged him to bake another pie. And so last night he did! Complete with our K + M monogram.

I really dig homemade and handmade stuff. As I have mentioned before, Mike is a minimalist and he generally appreciates experiential gifts more than “stuff”. Inspired by this dreamy V-day fort, I was determined to finagle my own. Not as easy given our office ceiling doesn’t have accessible beams on which to hang fabric but I figured it out….eventually.

Note: I really do not have an engineer’s mind. My spatial skills are nil. Physics be damned – I imagined fabric suspended in the air. No surprise that it didn’t work that way. That said, I am extremely determined and I basically tried about 10 different options until I got one that worked well enough for me to be satisfied.


We had a blast in our little fort. We read tarot cards and listened to music. I ate pie. He drank wine. And we laughed…a lot.

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