What the heart knows


Muscle memory. The heart is arguably the most significant muscle in our bodies. It is a symbol of life and love. And it knows all.

Are you taking care of yours? It is HEART month and my awareness of my heart’s health has totally skyrocketed over the last 2 weeks. Heart disease in my family is about as common as brown eyes. But the reality that heart disease is the leading cause of death in women really astounds me. Compared to actions taken to prevent/address cancer, there is almost no awareness of the impact of heart disease on women. I think that is totally crazy – particularly if you look at the statistics.

I have always been conscious of my heart. Both my brother and I were born with heart murmurs. Every time I go in to my doctor for a physical she always does a double take listening to my heart. (For some reason, she never remembers that I have a murmur.) Several years back I tried to find a dentist in Toronto (besides my childhood dentist Dr. Minuk who I still see when in Winnipeg). On their new patient forms, I disclosed that I had a minor heart murmur – y’know because I like to be honest. Well they wouldn’t admit me as a patient to their practice until proving my heart health via  an echocardiogram. (As you probably know oral health has a direct impact on heart health.)

At first, I thought the whole exercise was a ridiculous waste of time. That said, the results were extremely important. It was determined that I have a Grade 1 murmur which is relatively benign but more than that, it created a baseline. There are any number of things that can affect a woman’s heart over time – age, diet, stress, pregnancy, etc.. Having this baseline ensures that I have the complete picture of my heart’s health over time.

How healthy is your heart? Today is as good a day as any to find out.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy heart day!


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