Love stories + eating bugs

(by i am baker via Black Eiffel)

There is nothing sexier than running outdoors in the summer warmth and opening your mouth to draw in a big breath when along with it comes a bug of some kind. I have done that more times than I care to count. That said, I had not expected to find added protein in my pot of brown rice as it was cooking on the stove last night. But there they were….the saw-toothed grain beetle floating to the top of my pot. Well first off, gross. Second, what the heck are these things doing in my air-tight glass container! Third, I didn’t even pause before dumping the whole pot and the last 2/3 cup of uncooked rice sitting in the container. Now I see that others suggest different but there is only so much crazy I can tolerate in my house. And dirt, bugs, critters and dust make me CRAZY. I’m not as worried about my karma – it’s my sanity I’m trying to preserve. Long story short: I’ve probably been ingesting a little added protein each time I’ve eaten cooked rice from that container avec boiled (and dead) grain beetle eggs. Nothing thrills a vegan more than eating bugs.

Moving on….

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I am tickled pink with the notion that Mike and I will celebrate Valentines Day’s together on February 14 (the actual day) for the first time in history. Woot! It has only taken us 3 years but I coordinated my travel schedule this year with that in mind. So well done ME. We haven’t sorted out plans yet but I expect a full night out on the town complete with flowers, chocolates and plenty of PDA. Take note, Foderick!

Along the lines of love stories, here is one that might not rival Romeo & Juliet, but I’ll bet it will melt your heart just the same.

(via Marvelous Kiddo)


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