when pigs fly

It is the third week of January already. I hardly know where the time has gone.  In the midst of mad prep for the start of the Pearson Fellowship program this week, I am daydreaming about my first big travel adventure of 2011. I took a break from international travel in 2010 to let my heels cool from our life-changing East African trip. Now I’m ready to take flight again.

As you know, I am the biggest advocate of WINTER. I have rarely found myself traveling to warm destinations during winter months in part for that reason. However, this year will mark a first. This February, Mike and I will travel to the Caribbean.

Out of all the soil in the world on which I wish to set foot, I honestly stick the Caribbean at the bottom of the list. I have climbed sand dunes in the Western Sahara. I have sat a mere 10 meters away from a pride of lions in the Serengeti. I have walked the Great Wall of China. So the idea of sitting on a beach at some all-inclusive resort isn’t nearly as exhilarating. My mentality has been that I would find myself in the Caribbean “when pigs fly”.

Well pigs will fly alright because Mike and I are heading to the homeland of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club (the documentary is a must-see!), the Santeria worshipers who dress head-to-toe in white, the best cigars in the world, and some of the most extraordinary Art Deco era architecture.

Odelia, my flying pig,  is helping me save my pennies for the trip. (Her name means “little wealthy one”.) And is otherwise a perfect symbol for this trip and possibly for 2011.  We’ll see what else is in store for this year. 🙂


One thought on “when pigs fly

  1. Love Odelia! Have a great time in Cuba. Take some time to slow down and enjoy the warm temperture and tropical surroundings. Winter is wonderful but so is a little escape from it every now and then.

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