Guess who’s 30?

Guess who’s 30? Obviously not me since I just turned 29. (Sheesh time doesn’t fly quite that fast.) Congratulations if you guessed Mike! You win a round of applause from me.

Every year I put together a “Things I Love About You” list numbered in accordance with the birthday year. At the end of the day, it is only black ink on white paper but its value is in the impression it leaves – being loved.


This year I pulled out the big guns in the gift department. I’m generally known for giving personalized gifts that hold sentimental value. When you are giving to a minimalist, like Mike, you have to think “function” or “meaning”. Otherwise, it is just “stuff” and there is nothing a minimalist hates more than “stuff”.

I lucked out this year because a certain World War II map once owned and used by Mike’s maternal grandfather was calling out to me from behind a crappy frame tucked away in between boxes in the office. Mike’s grandfather was an ambulance driver during the war and was deployed during the Battle of Normandy. This map reflects the area Allied forces endeavoured to seize (i.e. Battle for Caen) between June and August 1944.

So there is a story behind the story… I had been planning for weeks to take the map in to be custom framed. I had rolled it up carefully and set it aside on our side/coffee table (now departed) on the 2nd floor as a reminder to get it done. In the meantime, life happened and we went about our day-to-day. One such day had us unpacking boxes of light fixtures and setting them up in the living room. Well one piece of tape from an opened box stuck itself rather inexcusably to the map and I got the talking to of my life. (Yikes!) Not one to tempt fate, the very next day I dropped everything and marched down to Soho Custom Art & Framing and 2+ weeks later it was ready. The folks at Soho did an AMAZING job – and were so helpful in guiding me through the many options for a matte (or in this case float) and frame.

This significant map is part of a legacy handed down to Mike which he will in turn hand down to our children (once they exist, of course!). In the meantime, we are going to have some good old-fashioned winter fun today to honour the fact that the world is a better place because Mike is in it.  Happy birthday darling!


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