#9 Wear red lipstick

#9 Wear red lipstick

Ever since I can remember, I have loved make-up. Truth be told, I was never a real “kid”. I always wanted to be an grown-up. I have basically been 30 since I was 8. So playing dress up with high heels and make-up was a favourite past time. By the time I was old enough to wear make-up, I actually chose to wear as little as possible. (Maybe the novelty wore off.) One thing I could never bring myself to wear was lipstick.

Even as a 25 year old, my attempts at wearing lipstick always rendered me feeling as though I had broken into my mom’s make-up bag and was playing dress-up. Tinted lip balm and lip gloss were fine. But lipstick didn’t look quite right.

This year, something changed. Not sure how or why but I decided that I really wanted to find the right red lipstick to wear. (And could I actually pull it off?) So this silly little challenge made it onto my Thirty by 30 list.

Red lipstick found, worn and loved.


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