+ 1 whole day

Inching closer to the finish line. For this week at least. T-minus 36 hours until I touch down in Winnipeg. And my first item on the agenda is a big round of hugs for my family and lots of cuddles for a lonely but resilient canine. Some of us are already enjoying time sleeping in and recuperating. Others, like me, are multi-tasked up the wazoo. Perhaps that is what contributed to my believing that December 23 is Wednesday. I was fully prepared to show up at the airport tonight with bags and husband in tow. So I narrowly avoided that disaster and gained a whole day.  That’s better than daylight savings.

Out of everything I am looking forward to over the holidays, time with family and friends, no work and more time to blog and chill out top the list.  I have some schemes in the works for next week once we return and if there is one thing I was made for…it’s scheming.

So far this has been a great week. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that gives me a huge boost of energy to totally bring it.



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