Gingerbread madness

Well it has been the longest week…but in between all of the work, there has been lots of fun.  My darling Christmas tree is now fully decorated and twinkles beautifully at night.


Four batches of gingerbread dough were transformed into cookies, houses and an endless supply of snacks. It began with sugary goodness, sticky fingers, pretty coloured icing and Alana. We built and decorated mini gingerbread houses and yummy cookies.


My friend Jen arrived for our afternoon of gingerbread house baking and making. That turned into a comedy of errors, forgotten necessary structural pieces of the houses, two consistencies of icing, about five sugar highs, the incredible improvisational talents of Michelle, some thai food and a departure at 12:30am.

Big props to Martha Stewart and all other gingerbread house aficionados. We three have a new found respect for you folks. Oh and also structural engineers and home contractors.

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