Seeing stars

I am back from my blogging hiatus and am hoping to spread a little holiday cheer. The last two weeks have been rough. There is no doubt about that but life goes on… The holiday season is upon us and the snow has settled on the ground. What better time than this weekend to deck the halls (fa la la la la).

This year, Mike and I managed to put up the Christmas tree without arguing or cursing. Well done us! (I will share more photos of the tree once it is fully trimmed. I have a few more embellishments to add.) It smells divine, by the way. Even passers-by commented on the scent of our evergreen as Mike and I toted it up Roncesvalles Ave. 🙂

Tonight, Mike and I begin our holiday festivities with a family dinner. This year, we will be spending Christmas and Boxing Day on the blessed snowy prairies. So we are starting early to ensure we are able to spend time with friends and Toronto family before we leave.

In 2009, I spent hours preparing and posting two holiday gift guides: Inspired Holiday Gift Guide and Gifts for the Generations. That was fun but this year, I’ve decided that there are so many amazing gift guides online that I’m gonna sit this one out.  (One of my favourite sites for gift ideas is Instead, I will be participating in Reverb#10 to “reflect on this year & manifest what’s next”.  Stay tuned for that.


Now it is time to buckle down and get all that big bad work done before the holidays. This weekend will mark our 3rd annual Roncesvalles Village holiday food drive and we are busy preparing. If you can spare an hour to help out, we’d love to have you. Details can be found here.

Over and out.



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