Well yesterday was quite an adventure. It all started at around 11am when I hopped on the College Streetcar to make my way over to Manic Coffee for my second mug of the day.  I got myself emailing and mostly organized in time for Anfernee and I to do some scheming and dreaming for November 17. We will be co-facilitating/presenting at InitiativeTO – an all-day event for aspiring entrepreneurs to hear stories and contribute to the dialogue of what entrepreneurship is and can be. Our workshop is called “Whose Path is It Anyway?” You will definitely want to be there. There is nothing ordinary about it and I know you are super curious. So give in and join us!

Then off I walked to Centre for Social Innovation Annex with all of my gear and a sandwich (which I grabbed and ate along the way). [Note: Please do not model my eating behaviours. They are truly unfortunate sometimes.] I arrived in time to be greeted with smiling and familiar faces. Such a great surprise! After a few chats, introductions, a phone call and an email, I ran to TIG for my last meeting of the day to learn about GYCA. Whew!

I thought my day was over but before that could happen, I was wandering around downtown Toronto enroute to the Elephant & Castle (admittedly the wrong location) for drinks, laughs and all around silliness. And still I was not done! Amazingly enough I had just enough energy to bake two loaves of banana bread and conduct a review of a resume/cover letter for a friend via skype.

Yep. Just another day of bouncing around. Now to begin again. Happy Wednesday!

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