Everyday is an adventure

by fifiduvie

Everyday when I roll out of bed, this is what I say. “Oh darling, let’s be adventurers.” Now, true – most of the time I say it in my foggy morning head. But  it is the thought that counts. Right?

I recall chatting with my brother ages ago about movies. We were talking about ones we had both seen recently and ones we would like to see eventually. I was enthusiastically attempting to convince Khorie that he MUST see the movie ‘Up’. (At the time, it had just come out on DVD.) As  I was sharing a bit of the movie’s premise with him, I realized how we are all at risk of turning into a Carl Fredricksen (a.k.a. the old curmudgeon who decides to start his adventure one day at the age of 78).  I know I am often tempted to focus my energies on some amazing travel experience overseas or thrill-inducing stunt. But what about all of those great adventures that happen everyday – while we’re not even paying attention? Maybe that’s the problem – that we aren’t defining those moments as adventures. So I encourage you (and myself) to look at life as one big adventure. Because it is!

So what does this week have in store for us adventurers?

Well wow. There are so many exciting opportunities floating around like bubbles that I am trying to pop them all before they evaporate. In fact, another landed itself in my inbox at 5:39am. (I feel like there is a whole world I am missing out on at 5am. Hmmm….)

Today I am spending some time in a couple of nurturing spaces to get myself “aligned”. This includes “aligning” my spine with some yoga. The rest of the week will be a series of meetings, brainstorms and strategic interactions. I will share more on that soon.

Wishing you happy adventures – wherever you go.

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