Left-hands, love letters + letting go


No I haven’t disappeared. Just crazy busy preparing my exit memo and archiving every other piece of useful information that I generated over the past 3 years for the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership. I have realized it is a big undertaking to let go of all of this stuff I have stored in my brain and heart. It certainly makes me feel grateful for the opportunity I was given to found and shape yet another community-building initiative.

Speaking of “letting go”, bootcamp is still going strong and letting go of self-consciousness has become a requisite for successful creativity nurturing. I got to make use of my left-hand (i.e non-dominant hand) to sketch a series of self-portraits. I have always been jealous of people like my brother who are ambidextrous. Although I still wish that 10 years of piano would have better developed my left-hand, this little exercise demonstrated that not all is lost. I discovered that if I focused on one or two features as I peeked in the mirror, the task was far less daunting. What was my focus? My big, unruly hair. 🙂

Recently I have gotten in the habit of writing love letters. Really they are emails. It is a great exercise to reminsce about shared memories and imagine things to come. It has become part of my weekly expression of gratitude. And really what could you possibly be more grateful for in this world than love?

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