Pajama pants + creativity

I bought these pajama pants the other day. I’m really in love with them. I’m on a bit of a creativity kick and these pj bottoms are a bit like my very own technicolor coat.

In keeping with testing new ground, I finally tested out the self-timer function on my camera yesterday morning. (It’s only taken me a year.) It was a perfect opportunity to snap some photos with the dogs for a change. I am so rarely in the photos I take. Which makes sense, I guess.

Lassie is super funny. I can never get a shot of her straight on. She is camera shy. But because I was sitting with her, it worked out that she was distracted with our play and completely unaware of the camera. Notice how she pushes back with her hind leg? She’s such a tease. It’s like she is saying: “Yes I want a belly rub but I don’t want you to know that I want a belly rub.”

Neither of the dogs are allowed on the leather couches but…we (as in the royal “we”) made an exception. Khatina wouldn’t get up there. She’s too smart. She knows she’s not allowed and wasn’t going to let anyone trick her into doing something wrong. (What a little goody goody.)

In other news, I started Kal’s Nurturing Your Creativity + Be Bulletproof Bootcamp. So amazing! As a starting point, we were asked to define creativity for ourselves. This is what I came up with:

Creativity is shining a light on the obscure + unseen; shaping reality with possibility.

I plan to carry this with me everyday – and apply this definition to my work, relationships and home.

How do you define creativity?


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