Road trip

I’m headin’ on a road trip! I think this has been the year of road trips. My friends Renjie and Ruby each pursued solo road trips this summer as part of major turning points in their lives. My road trip won’t be solo and is decidedly less momentous.

Basically, it will be a bit of a walk down memory lane for Mike and a huge amount of disconnecting for me.  (No internet and likely no cell reception = disconnecting.) My destination takes me from my usual views of Lake Ontario to the country east of Lake Superior and north of Lake Huron in Foleyet, Ontario.

We have accommodations (for $90 less per night than listed!) on Lake Ivanhoe during which I will enjoy all of the rustic creature comforts that a cabin affords. Best of all, the low temperatures of between 10 to 16 degrees C over this long weekend mean I will finally stop melting. Sweet!

I will have more to report next week. Wishing you all a lovely long weekend!

P.S. Amazing Great Lakes poster by Ork Posters!

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