A colourful girl living in a beige world

It’s true, I’ve discovered. I am a colourful girl living in a beige world.

Last night, on my way home from a full-day of sprouting, I paused for a little shopping on Queen St W. Remember the other day how I mentioned that I have a home improvement list stretching back to almost two years? I am pursuing that list with a vengeance. It feels good to put some serious pow behind it. One of my BIG lingering to-dos includes finding rugs for various floor surfaces in the house.  Although we are minimalists, sometimes a great rug can make for a completed room and some really happy feet.

This rug from Urban Outfitters really spoke to me. Nevermind spoke – it sang a whole serenade to me in the store!

Well this rug may be the most hated rug that ever lived.

My husband arrived at home and within seconds of catching a glance at it, he took me by the hand on a tour of our living room to first show me the brilliant design choices I have made in the past. He basically said: you have great taste, even if eclectic, but this rug is horrible. Well boo-frickin’-hoo!

Maybe it isn’t your cup of tea but I like it because it is so bright and colourful. I also like that it is the ideal size for the space. And it doesn’t blend in. Everything in that room (and for that matter, the rest of the house) is neutral – beige, white, black or brown. My design aesthetic has always been – you either go for neutrals on the walls and colourful decor/furnishings or you go for colour on the walls and neutral decor/furnishings. I think the floor, walls and furnishings in the room above provide the perfect canvas for a pop of colour. This rug has colour. Just like the colourful spines of the books that contrast and pop against the black of the bookcase on which they sit.

I’m not sure what the fate of this rug is but I think my feelings about it are best summed up in this statement made by Mike. He said: “This isn’t a rug, it is a painting!”

Yes. Exactly.


One thought on “A colourful girl living in a beige world

  1. I can see curling up on that rug with some big colourful throw pillows and a good book in the middle of winter and letting the colours pick me up!

    Art belongs whereever you think it should be – floors, walls, doors, ceilings…I like that rug.

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