Mojo monster is our visitor for the next two weeks while his family is off gallavanting in France enjoying la vie en rose. (Lucky them!) He is an 11 month old Collie/German Shepherd mix. I love his satellite dish ears. He doesn’t miss a thing. He bolted right up when he heard the doorbell ring…on the tv.

I have given him a job with iNSPiRED PRACTiCE – Director of Employee Morale. So far, so good. He has already managed to captivate the boys. He  is certainly the centre of attention wherever he goes.

I am secretly hoping this isn’t true but I think he likes Mike best. I guess that’s ok since I like Mike best too.

No matter because Mojo knows who’s the alpha. Yes, for once, it’s me. 😉

We are off for a run this morning…super duper early and then he will be hanging with Peter while I am off for a professional development day.


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