An education

This is my friend: Jacques. He lives in my parents' backyard.

Well wow. There are “mini-me’s” a.k.a. little tadpoles a.k.a. bio babies coming out of every nook-and-cranny these days. Congratulations to all those with buns in the oven and to those who have just joined the New Parent Club!  Fabulous. I’ve got something cookin’ too but not that. 😉

So today I have a couple of AWESOME announcements over at iNSPiRED PRACTiCE. I hope you will take a walk over and check them out. It will give you some idea of what I have cookin’ on the work front. But oh there is MORE.

There’s a whole bunch of things I have been wanting to learn and experience for some time. And there is no time like the present. This is what I have lined up for the next few months.


I ♥ photo walks. As anyone can attest, I carry my camera wherever I go. Just waiting to snap up some lovely images.  Like most things, I am self-taught and sometimes you just need some good teachin’. So in mid-August Anf has offered to take a small group of us on a photo walk to shift our perspective on the world and build up our photography muscles. Can’t wait!


I  don’t want to get all suzy homemaker on you but I have lately been incredibly inspired by people who have picked up the craft of sewing. In doing so, they have spawned the most amazing handmade lives. Here and here are just 2 of my many recent discoveries that might just inspire you too. On August 28, I will be learning sewing machine essentials at The Workroom in Parkdale. This Sewing 101 class will be an awesome beginning to what I hope will become a life-long love affair (too early to tell….) The Workroom offers “sew by the hour” services to crafty and creative types who don’t have their own sewing machines at home. So cool right? Equally cool is the owner of The Workroom. You will definitely want to check out her amazing blog.

Nurturing Your Creativity/Bulletproof Positive Attitude w/KALBARTESKI

Between Monday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 22, I will be participating in the very first ever online class led by Kal Barteski. By special request Kal has put together an online class designed to nurture CREATIVITY AND develop a BULLETPROOF POSITIVE ATTITUDE. “You don’t have to be an artist to participate – you only have to be human.” (Awesome. I totally qualify.) Here’s what the bootcamp includes: creativity boosters, video clips, art tips, visual challenges, a limited edition complimentary print and a few free downloads. “You are guaranteed to find plenty of ways to become more creative and to nurture your inner artist. OH – and it’s FUN.” Whoo hoo! Next week the class information will be made public, so if you are interested you can visit for details.

I am off to Sprout myself. Happy Thursday!


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