i ♥ parkdale

Photo: Sifu Renka

This is where I was Wednesday night. Local Kitchen + Wine Bar. Mike and I decided it was high time we celebrated some wonderful and exciting new developments in our professional lives. So naturally, I suggested we celebrate with food. (Mmmmm…..foood…) I like to try new cuisine and I had been admiring the restaurant everytime I passed it on the Queen streetcar.

There were plenty of jokes from my brother-in-law, Peter, as to what kind of “local” fare one would find in Parkdale. (Rodent on a stick? Roasted pigeon? That kind of thing…) Mike also encouraged me to “temper my expectations”. Nonsense!

Since I unintentionally skipped lunch, I had to consciously savour every bite of my yummy local fare (I was hungry!) It was divine. I had the Smoked Potato Gnocchi + Telleggio + Rapini. Deelish. Mike had the Ziti + Pomodoro + Basil + Peperoncino. As you know, we are BIG pasta lovers so it was fun to eat from each other’s plates. I believe that is what most people call “sharing”. I am sorry to say we didn’t get into the wine list. That will be for next time.

The restaurant is quite small but really cozy. My favourite non-food thing about it? That all of the staff wear i ♥ parkdale t-shirts.  What a great sentiment.

A few things to note if you choose to venture out to Parkdale for a lovely supper. There are no reservations and you will only be seated once every person in your party arrives. So…go early if you can (they open at 6pm) , and otherwise be on time (oops, sorry darling but it takes time to look this hot).

Oh and savour everything. So yummy.


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