It comes in threes


It comes in threes. Annoying stuff. It always comes in threes.

First, the new water filtration system for our kitchen faucet – that I had expected would be a 5 minute job turned into a multi-day experiment with different parts some of which had to be procured with a trip to Home Depot. Only to still not fit seamlessly. Water, water everywhere. So now I’m going to have to hack it.

Then it was an innocent attempt at brewing some coffee Saturday morning that landed us with the second. Coffee machine plugged in: check. Coffee machine turned on: check. Coffee machine brewing coffee: uncheck. Nothing happened. I hadn’t been making coffee at home during the heat wave because…well I am not a masochist – so I hadn’t noticed the machine was misbehaving. So now what? French press it is! (With the occasional stop at Starbucks.)

The third crawled right into my kitchen – literally. During my 8th attempt at the filtration system set-up, I became aware of 1, no 3, no actually 10+ ants crawling all over my nice clean counters, walls and only modestly clean floor.  These are carpenter ants that journey from the balcony where they live in the rotting wood. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for carpenters. My Uncle Luis is one. Jesus was one. But I simply can’t have ants of any kind in my kitchen. So…I reached for the first thing I could think of…VINEGAR. I sprayed a little bit at their entrance of choice. And followed this up with a bit of cayenne pepper on the balcony side of the screen door. Sounds tasty, I know. But those little ants are going to have to build their home some place else.

Yep. Annoying things always come in threes.


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