How to: transform an ancient collander into a plant’s modern dream

This is my first HOW TO. How exciting! Remember a month ago when I had said I wanted to get my hands dirty with a little bit of container gardening in preparation for the big front yard overhaul? Well I have been doing some gardening on the side but finally decided it was time to kick it into high gear. So…I re-purposed Mike’s late grandmother’s collander into something actually quite purposeful – a new home for some happy plants.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1  old collander
  • 1 coco liner (and scissors to cut liner to size)
  • 1 can of rust paint in the colour of your choosing and paint brush
  • Some premium potting soil (I used Nature Mix)
  • A fun mix of healthy and well-watered plants

Step 1: Dig your ancient collander out of the cupboard, closet, or garage for its makeover.

Step 2: Place the coco liner in the collander and cut to size – so that the liner does not protrude above the collander’s rim.

Step 3: Pick up a can of rust paint* in any colour you like. This can of paint was repurposed for this project so the paint colour was decided for me. Black.

Step 4: Grab a brush and paint away. Try to avoid having paint gum up the strainer’s holes. Let dry.

Step 5: Place the coco liner, potting soil, and your pick of plants in the made-over collander. I chose geranium (pelargonium variety), rosemary and ivy.Voila!

Originally, I was going to make this into a hanging basket. This may still happen but for now –  Collie the collander – is enjoying herself perched on a side table on the balcony.

This project cost me approximately $10 in total. I already had the collander, the potting soil, the paint and the brush. My only costs were $4 for the coco liner and $6 for the three plants.

*Note: I always suggest going for the least toxic option for things like paint. However, because we already had the paint and the painted object would be residing outdoors, I didn’t bother buying anything else. But I am lookin’ out for ya so for less-toxic and low VOC options, check out Rust-o-leum Tremclad water-based paint. A way better option especially if kiddies will be invovled in the project.

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