Are you a logophile?

Scrabble Game from Friday Night

Are you a logophile (translation: a lover of words)? When I was 2, at the incipience of language development, I discovered the true value of vocabulary and with that a love for words.

The story goes like this: In summer of 1984, I was spending the day at Assiniboine Park with my Mom, Dad and Uncle Manny (who was then 18 years old). Back in those days there was a little train that choo-chooed around the park. This was undoubtedly a novel bit of entertainment aimed at children. Since I was a child, we hopped on this little train.  As everyone was taking his/her seat, I turned to my Uncle who was already seated and said: “Uncle Manny, are you sitting comfortably?” Naturally, the reaction was laughter. Not exactly what I was going for but it wouldn’t have been fair to expect anything else. I was two and totally adorable. Obviously. I came away from the experience with a valuable lesson learned – words are powerful and creative and evocative.

So are you a logophile? Not yet? Well make a daily visit to for their Word of the Day and you will soon find yourself enamoured with words. Too lazy to do that? No problem. Follow dictionarycom on Twitter and the Word of the Day will come to you.

One thought on “Are you a logophile?

  1. I remember this just like it happened yesterday. I also believe u and your brother get some of this natural talent_gift from my DNA the love of words, the love for expressing yourselves with words, and you my sweet pea do it so briliantly. Love mom

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