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Welcome Monday. I am ready for a new week. A new beginning. I don’t have a weekend update for you, and I changed my mind about offering up a whole week in review.  Lots happened this past week. An earthquake. A riot. A glass table broken into a million pieces. A mess of rotting food left by racoons. A torrential rain. I could go on… But I won’t. Instead I will share what came to me upon reflection. After reading this blog post, I realized that this week turned out to be all about sisterhood

Tuesday was a momentous day because in addition to the many wonderful things I already get to do, I met my Little (via Big Brothers Big Sisters Toronto). Her name is Alana. She just turned 10 on Tuesday so it was an especially big day for her. I got to meet her along with her mom. The original match that was in the works didn’t end up going anywhere. Unfortunately, as often happens, some Littles are no longer able to be reached because they move out of the area. No matter. Alana and I got along great and we are looking forward to a summer of adventures. I can’t wait to share stories and photos from our first get-together scheduled for mid-August. Did I mention that Alana is big into arts and crafts? Oh and baking… A young girl after my own heart. Can you imagine how much fun we will have?

Crystal & Kristle in Grade 1 circa 1987

After an intense week, the weekend rolled around and got off to a great start with croissants and cappucino (the location of which I will share more of in the future – it will become more relevant quite soon).  But even better was the arrival of a life-long friend – Crystal. Crystal and I have known each other since we were 4. We used to stand at the doors of our kindergarten class waving to each other saying “Hi Crystal/Kristle. Bye Crystal/Kristle.” We went to school together for 13 years.

Since graduation we have pursued different paths: she lived in Kingston and now in Vancouver while I was in Toronto, New York, Winnipeg and then back to Toronto. She got schooled in engineering and economics but discovered her heart in something else. She is now a doula in Vancouver working toward becoming a midwife and helping to bring new life into the world. She is building her own enterprise and really in love with the work she is doing.   There are a small group of people with whom I can sit down after months or even years apart and pick up a conversation as though not a day has passed. It was so great to catch up and see how happy and passionate she is travelling this new path. I loved hearing about her dreams for the future and sharing with her some of my own.

Jennifer at How Does Change Happen? Art Show

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to honour a sister-in-spirit and participate in the celebration of her 30 years on the planet. Kindred spirit and great muse, Jennifer, brought together a group of family, friends, colleagues and members of the public for her amazing art show – “How Does Change Happen?”. It was a great event to be part of because it lent a whole lot of inspiration to those of us who felt saddened and defeated by what was going on in Toronto this weekend. Jennifer has spent the last 10 years exploring the question of how change happens and this event, birthday, exhibit and book formed the culmination of her journey as a young global leader and social entrepreneur. I am ever grateful that we share a special place in one another’s lives. We share a common language as women, as co-conspirators (for all that is right and good), as confidants, as dreamers, as world-builders, as wives, as daughters, as sisters and more. Happy birthday dear friend!

Now to get back to my positive, life-affirming week full of new beginnings.


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