The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page.   ~Saint Augustine

So it is finally up….the great wall of photos. Excuse the awkward angle but I was trying to get a shot without glare. To those who voted, all of your picks made it into the final selection (i.e. sunny lioness, barcelona, forbidden city, eiffel tower, giraffes, mawenzi, cascais, provence, pearl tower and the great wall). Plus Mike and I added a few others that we thought would work well and the wildebeest party was a must (even though not a top 3 by voters). The postcard shot of the Chateau Frontenac from the night after our wedding, the close up of the Pyramids, the odd placement of a fountain in the middle of Turkey’s Bosphorous River, etc… seemed fitting to include in this collection.

A big round of applause and much praise goes to Mike for meticulously hanging the frames. He took great pains to measure for placement and ensure every frame was level. He was determined that everything be symmetrical. As his blood pressure rose (evidenced by how frustrated he was becoming), I attempted to express that my satisfaction around this project would be met merely by the the frames getting up on the wall not by their perfect placement. Since this is my idea of symmetry, I figured it would create a frame of reference for my expectations (or lack thereof). It did not. There was continued frustration when I finally said: “You know I am not good at putting things up on walls because I don’t have the patience to measure and place everything properly. So however you do it will be much better than what I could do.” It was at that point that he asked me this: “What about our history together has ever led you to believe that I have the patience to do this?!”

Hmmm…good point.


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