Yellow Planet

Yellow Globe from Graham + Green

My planet is yellow. Pretty no? I am back online after a week off. And what a week it was. But nevermind that. That is the past and this is the present.

There is honking on the streets of Toronto (and I am sure other cities in the world) this morning. Portugal had an amazing win against North Korea. 7-0 Forca! Very excited for the Portugal vs. Brazil game on Saturday. Bring it on!

Today is full. Mondays are admin days for me which means I scramble to get everything done that I didn’t on the weekend. And there was really no working whatsoever this past weekend. Saturday morning was spent getting the house madly cleaned to host about a group of 10 people at a biz crew re:union BBQ on the patio at Geoffrey House. It was great fun and good food! And especially lovely to soak up the sun and the sangria with great company.

Sunday Mike and I went out to Stratford – late because of my compulsive costume changes and Williams Coffee Pub on Ontario St (ssssllllooooowwww service) – and arrived with 20 seconds to spare at the doors of the Festival Theatre to see The Tempest. The first Act was great but then there was a weird malfunctioning trap door on the stage that caused delays for Act II. Having never read or seen the play before I had to wonder if someone other than Shakespeare had written the end of The Tempest. All conflict was neatly resolved in a beautiful package. No trade off. No tragedy. All the conflict set up in the first Act just disappeared. Not one of Will’s best plays but Christopher Plummer was magnificent as was Julyana Soelistyo who played Ariel, the spirit.

What’s on for today? Better question: what isn’t on for today? I am adapting a fundraising campaign strategy for Ashoka Canada and moving full steam ahead with the final pieces of the Children’s Environmental Health Toolkit for the Children’s Health & Environment Partnership of Manitoba. Also working on pieces of a proposal for a Workplace Innovation project that if I may say is totally brilliant. I dare anyone not to be impressed. One of the most exciting projects I am currently finalizing is the new (and improved) sponsorship development strategy for Taking IT Global. Super excited about it! Plus I have three posts in the works for the iNSPiRED PRACTiCE website. And I finally updated the Project Tanzania page (to better tell the story of what, why and how).

I have already had two cups of coffee and am off to pick up a piece of the Great Wall of China for my own Great Wall of Photos. Soon to be unveiled!


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