No longer a summer hater

(Left to Right: Blackboard Garden Labels, Strawberry Pot, Solar-Powered Lights, Metal Hurricane, Gardening Book, Striped Pillow,  Maribel TableclothSucculents, Garden Tools.)

[Also a quick note: the font for Summer Days is called Lobster. If you like it, get it here.]

Lately I have been inspired by summer. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. Normally I don’t look upon summer with the excitement and anticipation that others do. To me: summer has always been lazy, smelly, sweaty, and itchy. You have to go around with bare arms and bare legs. Which is probably well enough because on especially humid days you will end up wearing the grime of the city all over your sweaty body anyway. The bug bites are the oft added insult to injury during the summertime. Why mosquitoes love me and my blood – I will never understand. But I am convinced that they pursue me with wild abandon and no amount of citronella or Deet (not that I use the poison anyway) can protect me.

Now before I get run out of the country for being a summer hater, let me share some recent revelations. First, I shall preface all by saying I still favour fall and winter for their glorious cool temperatures and exquisite beauty plus all the goodness that happens on the homefront during these seasons. (I live in Canada after all so it is a darn good thing that I like the cold.) That said, the other day I became ridiculously aware that summer is actually filled with drama. My kind of drama too.

Dramatic colours. Chaotic sounds. Violent weather. How fantastic! What’s better is that laziness that I sometimes associate with summer because people use it as an excuse to drop everything and let the world come to a halt, is actually what ends up lending chunks of time to pursue some of my greatest adventures. Past summers have provided opportunity to travel to ancient places, climb mountains and bike across regions. This summer will allow me to plan and plant a garden from scratch. Totally unprecedented.

In addition to the selection of outdoor and gardening items I have come across to help round out my summer days (see above), I have stumbled upon several great resources. 

  • Life on the Balcony – a great read especially for those living in urban centres without a patch of earth who want to channel their growing powers into container gardens.
  • You Grow Girl – all-around “green” thumber and author who blends creativity and craftiness with gardening.
  • Toronto Gardens – created by the Battersby sisters who share down to earth strategies and ideas for the quintessential Toronto gardener.

These websites continue to inspire me and remind me that summer – above all else – brings with it the rapid growth of living things.


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