Harnessing the power to GROW + other green dreams

(Image and idea via Best Green Home Tips)

Welcome Tuesday. We are back to work. Today has started off a bit strange. I might have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed without realizing it. I got rubbed the wrong way this morning because I had to deal with one of my pet peeves: following-up with people who blatantly disregard the value of my time and work by not being bothered to respond to my communication. I am especially bothered by this when it comes from other consultants because they should know better. However, today, rather than taking it personally, I am actually starting to see this as an all-important life lesson. I think the Universe and my gut is dropping subtle hints to me about where and on what I should be placing my energy. I am starting to discover that I am more than ready to transition from what was into what will be. It is time to revisit the U-Process.

The weekend offered me lots of positive opportunities to focus on growth – in a very literal way. I am gettin’ my gardening hat on and dreaming up all sorts of green goodness. Container gardens have long inspired me because they are compact and manageable. In a way, it is harnessing the power to GROW on a micro level – as one of the many things I do on a daily basis. It allows me to be optimistic that I can successfully support life without having to feel like I must make it my sole job.

This summer, there are two gardens to plan and work on but I am (wisely) starting off with the container garden for the balcony. I have found some wonderful inspirations online and can’t wait to implement them. I also think this would make for an excellent little project to follow on this blog, don’t you?

So I am calling this little series: The Hopeful Inspired Gardener. (That’s my little doodle below… I have the artistic ability of a four year old. A four year old genius, of course. :-P)

I hope to re-purpose items to use on this little balcony garden so that I can encourage a bit of creativity and save a little green. One of my first projects will be converting this 60-year old metal collander that I believe was Mike’s grandmother’s into a hanging basket. Amazingly enough we had been using the collander up until recently to drain our pasta when Mike casually one day said that he thought it might contain lead since it was “really old”. Gulp. I wish people would tell me this stuff BEFORE I go and potentially expose my brain to serious neurotoxins. I don’t believe it contains lead because I have performed the scratch test on it and it doesn’t meet any of the other criteria products with lead usually do but I do intend to use it for a purpose other than cooking.

I am going to try out various little re-purposing projects and document the garden’s growth/successes as we go. I may be soliciting the help of others to ensure my little garden gets plenty of what it needs when I am not around. And of course, I would love ideas like the one pictured above from anyone who has them. [Updated: Want to try out this project too? Apparently it was actually a You Grow Girl project in Parkdale. Check out the description and DIY on flickr.]


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