Growing up as a girl


There are so many great things bubbling over here. I am hoping to finally do some real blogging next week….

I did receive two news items this week worthy of sharing. First, I received a call from Big Brothers Big Sisters and they have found a Little Sister for me! I am really looking forward to meeting her and learning more about her life and dreams. She is 13 years old and has two younger brothers. She lives with her mom – who when asked to describe her daughter said: “She is friendly, loving, caring, and respectful”. That’s sweet and very genuine. There are a few final steps in the process but I am really looking forward to meeting my Little in the next month or so. 🙂

The second bit of news I learned is that my cousin, Kenzie, was accepted into the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg. Yay! She has a lot more responsibility than most (nearly) 18 year olds but is incredibly driven. I am so proud of her dedication and positive attitude. I know she will have a blast at University and am really excited for this new chapter in her life. Congrats Kenzie!

Anyway, these two pieces of news got me thinking about growing up as a “girl”. I am ever amazed at how the women (of all ages) in my life are so driven and resilient. I think girls – and I speak here from my own experience – benefit greatly from positive role models. Not just female role models but also male role models. I had a mix of both as I was growing up and that was so important to my development as a human being. I don’t believe in this notion that girls should have only female role models. Some of the people in my life who taught and showed me great respect, kindness and support are men. These men are my father and my uncles. Unlike other women I see who to this day have dysfunctional relationships with men – perhaps because of a lack of good male role models – I knew from Day 1 how to work with, support and cherish the men in my life. And, if I get to take any credit for this at all, I think I picked a very good man with whom to spend all the days of my life. A partner. Someone who respects and values my contribution to our family and the world. Someone who admires my independence and free will.

Role models aren’t just there to guide you or model skills and behaviour. They are also there to trust in and believe in you. They know you can figure out the tough problems in your life and they remind you of that. Having someone else place their faith in you is enabling in a very positive way.

This much I understand.

Boys – I don’t understand. They remain a mystery to me but that’s probably because I didn’t grow up as one. 🙂


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