The Unit

This morning I hung out with my canine unit. A couple of looney toons who chase after sounds, birds in flight and other critters that dare to trespass onto their property. The Unit patrols the yard as though there is no-fly zone above it. I am sure it is instinctive. Like a little button gets pressed in their brains everytime they see an animal on or above their turf. They must pursue it.

The Unit is of course comprised of Lassie (a.k.a. Lass, Horsey, Noodle, Crazy) and Khatina (a.k.a. Teeny, TinTin, Monkey).  They are both such characters. We held a little photo shoot outside this A.M. I told them to look vicious and really show us who’s boss. Here’s how it went…


Beastly.  You can see how their very nature conjures fear in the heart of any creature. 😛


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