Great Wall: Part 2

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Thanks to everyone who voted yesterday! Here is the last set of photos for selection. After you vote TODAY on these, Mike and I will be able to fill out our wall of 16 (a.k.a. the Great Wall of Photos). Can’t wait to get them printed and share the finished product with everyone!

So here’s the drill: leave a comment with your top THREE (3) choices from the 12 here.


5 thoughts on “Great Wall: Part 2

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  2. Eiffel Tower at night
    Cascais, Portugal

    Gotta say I liked day one’s photos more. There seem to be more life in those places and that’s probably because I haven’t been to them. Anyways, now I’m missing Europe. Thanks K! 🙂

    • This might sound lame but I think it might have something to do with the camera. The Euro Trip from 2007 was shot with an older digital camera. I will say that China in particular was extremely colourful and yes, full of life! Still…there are so many photos. It seems impossible to choose.

  3. ok Kristle and Mkie, “we” like the Notre Dame Bacillica, Providence (this is a beautiful picture, just for its simplicity) and Cascais, Portugal
    Hope that helps
    Jessie and Makenzie 🙂

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