The Great Wall: Part 1

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New project alert! Mike and I are creating our own Great Wall featuring photographs of our adventures. The trouble is we have SO many photos and we need your HELP in picking out the best ones to feature.

Today and tomorrow, I am posting slideshows of 12 photos each from our various trips. Today’s slideshow features a selection of photos from our time in China and Tanzania.

Please help us by voting on your favourite THREE (3). Leave your top three picks in the comment field TODAY. By the week’s end, we hope to have built our Great Wall of photos.

Thanks from Kristle & Mike!


8 thoughts on “The Great Wall: Part 1

  1. Sunny Lioness (aww, big kitty!)
    Mawenzi (I get a strong feeling of isolation, desolation from this image)
    The Great Wall (great framing, it’s like we’re peeking into another world, or in this case another time era)

    special mention: Pearl Tower by Night (I love the futuristic look of this!)

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  3. The jade belt bridge, the giraffes, and the lions…they are all great so each of the kids picked one! Hope it helps!

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