Beautiful struggle

It’s been a great few days. Oh let’s be honest: it’s been a great few months. Every month of this year has been my favourite. In other words, they keep getting better and better.

There are so many gifts. So many lessons. So many failed attempts. And as many successful ones. Opportunities to redefine. Myself and my work. Opportunities to connect. Opportunities to grow. Quiet moments. Melodies. Sustenance. Some sleep. More tiredness. Balance. It’s a beautiful struggle.

My current tug-of-war is around carving out time, energy, intention and attention to “me”.

I sat in the sun today and I mind-mapped my fuel for life.  The important things that help me to be “me”. In a happy and “balanced” way.

Yes, there is still work to do. But without me being ME. It can’t get done.

Tonight, I will eat some wholesome food. Take a few minutes to stretch in total quiet.  Spend some 1-on-1 time with my favourite person. And then finally kick up my feet and relax. Everything else will just have to wait.


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