8 in the kitchen

I took a look in my fridge and pantry today. I felt totally satisfied.

My 8 favourite edibles – all here at the same time.

Favourite soy yogurt. Ever. I have the worst trouble locating it.

It is almost always out of stock. Hmmm…I guess others feel similarly. Blueberry = the yummiest.

Crimson nectar tea. It smells like candy. Don’t be fooled though.

It is quite tart. Great to drink with a little sweet somethin’ on the side.

Chickpeas. These ones are sprouted but I’ll take ’em any way you got ’em.

Hard to believe that once upon a time I was this fussy little eater who refused to eat chickpeas.

How times have changed.

I am a lemon-lover. If given the opportunity, I use lemon in everything.

Mostly, I use it to dress my summer pastas and salads.

A little lemon juice and olive oil goes a long way.

Avocado. Creamy. Savoury.

It is one of my all time favourite green things.

Brown rice and wild rice pasta. Gluten-free goodness.

There is nothing better than waking up to hot coffee percolating.

Well except knowing that I have a carton of silk creamer sitting in the fridge.

I go through this rather quickly.

Black Mission figs are delectable. I eat them on pizza and in salads.

If I am really craving something sweet, I will eat them alone.


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