Not my drama


It is earth day today and even though everyday is earth day for me (and let’s hope many others on this blue planet), I am happy to know that others are symbolically celebrating this special day. I am just keeping my head above the water line right now as I continue my month long endeavour to light up the world. I have been savouring the feeling of satisfaction that comes when the universe conspires in your favour.

I picked up a book and out of 300 pages in the book was drawn to one page with the quote from Napoleon that inspired my April whiteboard. Yesterday, I was running through my twitter timeline and found this:

Apparently, there was a meteor show on last night. How cool. Of course, on Monday I reaped the benefits again of planetary alignment. Lots of great things going my way. Then yesterday it all came to a screeching halt. The universe decided to challenge me. Maybe it was just time to see if I had actually learned what these good bounces were supposed to be teaching me.

I needed a little inspiration to deal with a drama. A drama that wasn’t mine but that I was being pulled toward. I talked it out with a few people. Came up with a plan of action. Then today I felt the need to peruse Danielle Laporte’s White Hot Truth. There it was – the perfect bit of wisdom: Step Away from the Karma.  

Three little words was all I needed to liberate myself. Not. My. Drama.

Universe – I have passed your test.   Kristle: 1. Drama: 0.

Now onto  the next…

Today is already shaping up to be a great day. I was on coffee & croissant duty this morning while Mike prepares the last of his summary for his exam this afternoon. I have a coffee get-together with Ryan scheduled and then to the Centre for Social Innovation for a meet-up of The Incredibles (a.k.a. Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada).

It is a good day for the earth. Happy Earth Day!

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