I am fascinated by mythology. I think part of that stems from the “history” surrounding my last name Calisto. I recall that when I was in Morocco, I travelled to Volubilis – the Roman ruins – and on the dig site were a number of exposed  mosaic floors. Many depicted stories from Roman mythology.

House of Orpheus

It was scorching hot sunny day and the area had no natural shade. I had snapped so many photos that 2 hours in my camera battery was starting to go. Every mosaic I saw, I took a photo of. Then I saw it…her… Diana (also known as Artemis in Greek tradition) and with her was her most loyal follower – Callisto. Naturally, at just that moment, I ran out of film. (These were the days BEFORE digital cameras.)

Myths are powerful. But they can also be dangerous. Last night, I attended a How to Adopt information session hosted by the Adoption Council of Ontario.  Neither Mike nor I have plans to add to our family immediately but having no idea how long the adoption process takes, I wanted to be informed. I am glad I went because I discovered how completely misunderstood the process of adoption is. I hope to share some of the information I gathered because I think it is important to dispell myths. I also know that the internet is a usual first-stop for most people looking for any kind of info on…well…anything. 

I will post on this more in the coming weeks but for now, I have a busy day ahead of me. The weather is glorious and calls for a change in work station. Outside I go!


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