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Mike came home late last night from the Armoury and sat down on my side of the bed. He asked if I was sleeping. I was not. (No big surprise there.) In my usual silliness with him, I said: “I’m listening to music. And you are interrupting.” (I was – via my iPod – savouring the sounds of what might be one of the best movie soundtracks since Garden State.)  He huffed teasingly: “I haven’t seen my wife in 12 hours and I come home now missing you all day and you tell me I am ‘interrupting’? Ha!” I gave him a big smooch and then he said: “I still can’t believe that I got to marry you.” That’s when I know the teasing portion of our dialogue is over… From then on, we speak genuinely. He let me be to listen to my music and I sleepily inventoried my many blessings. They are too many to list here (or possibly anywhere but in the depths of my mind) but today, I can articulate 7 reasons I am grateful.

  1. Happy people. These days I feel surrounded by happy people. That hasn’t always been the case. I do believe you attract people with the kinds of energy you put out. But I also know that as an empath, the compassion and understanding we model can sometimes draw people to us who simply want to consume our happiness and help but who may have no intention of being happy themselves. Last year, I felt there were a few major sources of that kind of parasitic energy but that was then and this is now. I am grateful for happy people.
  2. Spark plugs. I was watching friend Jennifer Corriero speak to a group of young teens via her TEDx Teen Talk. She identified the six archetypal change agents one of which is the “spark plug” who functions as a “connector” bringing together and sparking interactions between sometimes disparate individuals or groups. I have had the unbelievable fortune lately to come in contact with many spark plugs who are supporting my relationship and world building by sparking interactions with people they know but who I have yet to encounter. I am grateful for spark plugs.
  3. Light. I have the occasion later this month to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy. She is the Colonel-in-Chief of The Queens Own Rifles of Canada. And I am the wife of a QOR Second Lieutenant. This will be my first QOR event and marks uncharted territory for me. A part of me is laughing inside my head at how much I will stick out like a sore thumb. But another part of me is laughing in my head at how fun it is to test my personal limitations and let this little light of mine…SHINE. I am grateful for light.
  4. Platforms. Platforms for learning, discussion, debate, collaboration, and convergence are so important to our evolution as a society. I am really excited to be utilizing Sprout’s virtual platform to convene, share with and ‘sherpa’ other social entrepreneurs. It means that I get to travel further along my own Personal Leadership Journey. I am grateful for platforms.
  5. Agility. The ability to adapt and change course with grace and control is challenging but necessary. I am becoming more agile…daily. I feel it! And that is so important because I believe agility is one of those critical determinants of survival. Don’t you? I am grateful for agility.
  6. Crooked paths. Lately a few people have remarked at how much my 10 Things I Want You To Know About Me has resonated with them. They can relate to much of my personal story. As one person I met with last week said: “I get it. Life isn’t a straight line.” I am sure there are some people who believe it is. They planned it all out and met every milestone along their straight path. That’s great for them but I know that for so long my life was a straight line and I realize now how much I might have missed out on. My crooked path brought me to my husband, my livelihood, and my communities. Now I walk that crooked path towards my future. I am grateful for crooked paths.
  7. Heartbeats. I must admit that with the exception of my own, Mike’s and occasionally my dogs’, I don’t spend a lot of time listening to heartbeats. It is a very inviting sound but an even more powerful metaphor. On our wedding day, Mike promised: “To love you with all of my heart, as I have since the moment I met you, and for as long as it beats in my chest.” I am grateful for heartbeats.

One thought on “Grateful

  1. Enjoy the things you are grateful for! Have fun with the Princess, if you need any tips on meeting royalty… let me know, I did once meet HRH The Princess of Wales, (Di ) way back when.

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