Out of order

Sometimes I do things out of order. I picked up the book NurtureShock yesterday. Whoa. Such an eye-opener. Anyway, I had already read the preface and a few of the first pages of the introduction online, so when I got the book instead of beginning at Chapter 1, I jumped to the chapter that piqued my interest first. In this case, Chapter 9: Plays Well With Others which outlines why modern involved parenting has failed to produce a generation of angels. It highlighted lots of interesting studies that show some unexpected links between educational television programs and relational aggression – particularly among girls. Think Mean Girls and you’ll understand.

Anyway, now I am on Chapter 3: Why White Parents Don’t Talk About Race which asks the question: does teaching children about race and skin colour make them better off or worse? The purpose of sharing this, other than to say that I am deeply engrossed, is that I obviously do things out of order all the time. It is part of that marching to your own drum thing.

In addition to reading chapters out of order, I like to do the same with movies and series episodes. On my way home last night from a very long afternoon, I picked up a copy of the movie Twilight. I had not seen it but had watched New Moon on the plane. Deeply unimpressed. I could not understand what all the fuss was about. That said, I thought I would give this whole Twilight thing another go. Particularly because after having watched New Moon I could not grasp why this Bella & Edward love story was such a hit with everyone. If anything, New Moon was very plot-driven and it didn’t allow me to get to know the characters. Well wasn’t I totally knocked off my seat when we finally got Twilight rolling on the DVD player. First of all, the cinematography was freakin’ awesome! I felt like I was totally transported to Forks, Washington and directly into Bella’s world. Second, Bella & Edward are smouldering. Watching New Moon left me wondering if the so-called Angel & Buffy love affair of my generation was as good as it gets. These somewhat awkward teenagers were totally lukewarm in New Moon. Not  having appreciated the evolution of Bella & Edward’s story, I must admit that after the sequel I signed up for Team Jacob. What was this fuss about Edward? He was hum drum, sulking and kind of uncool.

Well. I am totally converted. Sometimes doing things out of order can lead to unexpected results.

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One thought on “Out of order

  1. Kristle, you have to read the books! I got hooked by the grade 6’s pushing it on me. That was it, Twilight was a bit of a bore in the first chapters, but I read all 4 books in 5 days! New Moon was ok….but the book….always better! I read books if they are novels mostly from front to back with minimal peaking, but other books with different subjects I skip and go out of order all the time!

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