Spinning Wheel


Howdy Tuesday. It’s been awhile. These days I have been spinning my wheels. Work is getting accomplished at a snail’s pace and so I feel the need to keep going for as long as possible. But that means I sleep less and then become tired and less focused the following day. Thus, repeating the process all over again. But still. It has been a bit of a ride.

I spent some of the weekend applying my creative energy towards an upcoming art show. That was fun! As was scheming up some additional goodness and savouring delicious vegan cupcakes from Mabel’s Bakery. Spring cleaning was in full swing this weekend. However, the grody old couch is still on-site. I have been trying to get it out of the house and to the Furniture Bank for nearly a week. Once again, slow moving.

This week is jam PACKED. The Sprout course begins with a bon voyage party and a match up of participant with e-mentor. I have a meet-up taking place at a fave bistro known as Mercatto to continue a conversation that was started at the Earth Hour event.  Follow that with a networking event, a seminar on Leadership & The Sexes, plus a lecture on the Business Model Generation and an info session on ‘How to Adopt’ – and I think I will be done like dinner by Friday. Maybe it is appropriate then that I caught another glimpse of the lone (for now) silver strand in my hair.

(Photo by Retrospect Photo)

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