On the balance

So. Very. Tired. My head is silently exploding. It is a gloomy grey day today and if there was ever one that encouraged me to return to bed, it would be this one. BUT…this morning started beautifully with a great Sprout orientation for e-mentors (technological hiccups aside).  My husband made me coffee and even ran down the street to pick up some more soy milk for me. We had some good laughs and a chat about the humanity of politicians (a story for another time). I have enjoyed a steady flood of very nice thoughtful notes in my inbox.

So mostly things have been good today. On the other hand, I have a do-or-die report to get out the door today and I have been unable to get rid of the rash that has developed on my left ring finger under (and hopefully not as a result of) my wedding band.

Twitter, facebook, email and BlackBerry are getting shut off in t-minus 26 minutes and the following playlist is going to get blasted.

  1. Beautiful Dawn – The Wailin’ Jennys
  2. Summertime – Sarah Harmer
  3. See You When You’re 40 – Dido
  4. Some of These Days – Serena Ryder
  5. Somebody Else – Crazy Heart Soundtrack
  6. Ruby Blue – Roisin Murphy
  7. Waterloo – ABBA
  8. Lost Someone – James Brown
  9. Eggs Over Easy – Martina Sorbara
  10.   You Send Me – Aretha Franklin
  11.   Jamming – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  12.   Pour Me Up Another – Amy Millan
  13.   New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

And finally something fun that I happened upon….I Am A Girl (The Girls With Glasses Theme Song).

 (Photo via Flickr)


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