What I am loving

Life continues to move at a quick pace. I am really packing in every moment these days. So I thought I would take a minute to “pause” and reflect on what I am loving right now.

LEVEL 2:  I know in the world of video games and treadmills, “level 2” seems like small potatoes. Not so in the moksha yoga world. Although it was marked on the schedule as a Flow class, Kierstin guided about 40+ students through a 75-minute stealth level 2 class last night. I knew it felt different from other Flow classes I have experienced. There were lots of advanced modifications but it was good to push myself. The humidity was intense and I was exhausted. It turned out to be perfect because I was finally able to sleep a full 8 hours last night. The first time in about 3 weeks.

CELLO SONG BY THE BOOKS FT JOSE GONZALEZ:  If you have seen the movie The Blind Side then you might recall hearing this song in the opening credits. You can go here to take a listen to it. It was originally written and recorded by Nick Drake.

SHOULDER-LENGTH HAIR:  Although my hair has grown some since it was cut a couple of months ago, this new length has made my life considerably easier.

PAYING IT FORWARD: I came across the You Are Beautiful campaign awhile back but it resurfaced in my consciousness just today. Don’t you love how something so simple can be so powerful?

GETTING LOST: There are many brilliant blogs online but one of my all-time favourites is La Tartine Gourmande. I think what I love most about it – besides the yummy food – is that Bea blogs like one would write a book. She uses dialogue, photos and recipes to tell a story. With some music on in the background, I let myself get lost in this recent post of hers.

THE BIRTH STORY: In 2001, I read a profound book that completely re-educated me and has reshaped my understanding of having children in a way that has persisted. (It is difficult to unlearn once you know.) The book was Having Faith: An Ecologist’s Journey to Motherhood. I remember sitting on the couch in my apartment on St.George Street for about 3 days completely engrossed in Sandra Steingraber’s words and courage. Now nearly 10 years later, that honesty persists in other women’s stories of  pregnancy and more recently, giving birth. I was reading a favourite blog the other day and came across this birth story. Descriptions like “a bowling ball is slowly descending through my pelvis” help to convey with humour and words the truth of the experience.

DISAPPEARING/REAPPEARING SHIRTS: About 3 days ago, Mike brought down several of his shirts and hung them on the handle of the linen closet. I didn’t know why they were there but I could only assume that he was getting dressed in front of the full-length mirror in our living/dining room and that the shirts were there merely as options to consider while dressing. (He does strange stuff like this all the time.) So in the afternoon as I tidy up the place, I took  the shirts back up to the bedroom. This repeated for the next two days. It was only last night that I discovered that Mike has been intent on ironing his shirts. This is truly a great thing because even though I do our laundry, I greatly dislike ironing. So the shirts were in fact hanging on the linen closet door as a reminder to him that he needed to iron them. He was slow to get to it and in the meantime, they kept disappearing and finding themselves back in our bedroom closet. Now I know what you’re thinking: a little communication could have prevented this little comedy of errors. True. But what fun would that be? Last night, we finally got to the bottom of the disappearing-reappearing shirts. And it was hilarious.

Today I am back to writing reports. If I get them all done today, I am going to treat myself with a trip to outerspace….or maybe just some pistachio ice cream. Mmmmm….pistachios. No instead I am going to scheme up something special for an upcoming birthday and sip apple pomegranate tea.

(Photo via You Are Beautiful.com)


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