It isn’t often that I spend my weekends going from big-time social butterfly to total recluse. But this weekend, I got to have my cake and eat it too. After a deeply engaging Good Friday, I trekked up to Sturgeon Lake to experience a bit of cottage life. I haven’t been up to the cottage since September 2008 so it seemed about time. 

I don’t really have an “off-switch” so it can be challenging to be in an environment without any working technology or a set itinerary. For 24 hours this weekend I resisted the urge to do “something” and instead did “nothing”. I read: for fun. I slept: in the middle of the day and for no apparent reason. I ate: lazy food like baked potatoes (that require absolutely NO prep or cooking). I wandered: nowhere in particular – just up the road really. It was good.

I woke up Sunday morning at around 7:30am to sunshine over a still lake.  How serene. Stillness and calm are so beautiful.

But it was enough for one day. Upon returning home, I did 4 loads of laundry, drafted blog posts, unloaded the dishwasher, identified my to-do list for Monday, cleaned and re-organized the kitchen, sent off some emails, went for a walk to pick up movies, watched said movies, caught up on my online reading and finally went to bed.

Four hours later I found myself awake. Definitely no “off-switch” but perhaps there is a “pause” button. I hope.

Today begins another week. And spring cleaning. Yippee!


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