No-kill tulips + eco-elegant wedding

Today is a better-get-it-done day. So I have only so much time to fuddle around here on the blog. But before I leave you, two things: 1. No-kill tulips and 2. Eco-elegant wedding.

First, try this – until you are able to plant your blossoming tulips outside (i.e. when the weather is better), plant them inside. I got this idea from the Starbucks at Queen & Dovercourt. They had atop their coffee bar, an arrangement of potted tulips in a glass vase created by Poppies (the florist located next door).  I thought the arrangement made quite a statement. So I filed the idea for future use.

I reused hurricane vases/candle holders from our wedding, grabbed some potting soil and planted those roots and bulbs. And voila! This will be a fine location for my pretty tulips until I can transplant them in planters outside (which will allow much more room for those bulbs to further root).  For now, this is a way to ensure they don’t die. Or more to the point, that I don’t kill them.

Speaking of wedding, did you know that the K&M wedding is featured today on the EarthFriendly Wedding blog? No? Jen has described our wedding as “eco-elegant”. That’s fab! Well go check it out already! And while you are there you may enjoy reading up on the many other great things Jen of Earthly Affair shares on her blog. She has a keeping-it-real attitude when it comes to an eco-friendly life. So cool!

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