2 cups of coffee

Today I NEED two cups of coffee in my XL-sized RED Starbucks mug. Stat. It’s Friday which would normally mean I could start easing into the weekend. However, this weekend I will be attending the re:Vision 2010 conference. I have a gazillion things to do before then including cooking up some good brain food to take with me for lunch on both days of the conference. I have also been feverishly writing copy for the iP website until the wee hours of the night for the past couple of days. The clarity that has come to me as a result of stumbling on to Kelly Parkinson and Copylicious is just unbelievable. I am so overwhelmed by the endorphins and excitement that I’m about to cry tears of joy. (Seriously!) I want her to be my Wilderness Concierge and my BFF.  

Anyway, I am super excited for the weekend and going to take my vitamins and this extra jolt of caffeine so that I don’t look so sleep-deprived. Off to sneak in a 20-minute workout because I am bubbling over with all of this bouncy energy and I need to channel it somewhere. Plus my eyes have been locked on my computer for the last 3 days straight and they could use a bit of change of scenery.

Before I disappear, I should mention that I started a new book club and got myself a new superhero look. Check it.

P.S. Hero Factory needs more hair options. I can’t be my superhero-self without big hair.


2 thoughts on “2 cups of coffee

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  2. Oh my goodness, this is so cool! Thanks so much for saying such nice things about me. I had no idea my website was that exciting, but I’ll take it! Woo hoo! Now you’ve got me excited, too. I’m going to need some of that extra coffee, too. Sleep deprivation is nigh.

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